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Title: “Tube Launch” Reviewtube launch review
Product Creator: Julie Williams
Price: $34

Tube Launch is one of the newest forms of marketing to hit the streets in the last decade, and the reason behind it is because video marketing is extremely powerful. Did you know that there are thousands of pages targeted most of the keywords on the internet, while there are only 20 or so videos targeted the same keywords on average? That means a flood of marketers are looking to expand their businesses into video marketing but they need people like YOU!

Tube Launch links up marketers and corporations alike with people willing to upload videos in exchange for cash money commissions.

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What do they claim?

Step 1. Sign-up.
Step 2. Follow the training
Step 3. Upload videos
Step 4. Make money
Step 5. Rinse and repeat

Some pro and cons of the site:


  • Make money FAST
  • Work from home!
  • NO product needed
  • NO LIST!!!!
  • Work with top level corporations
  • Make money from multiple sources
  • TONS of profit potential


  • Takes time to upload videos

If you want to make money with video marketing and youtube but don’t like creating video now you can. All you have to do is link up with the Tube Launch crew and they will show you how to work with big companies to upload videos and make profit. Why? Well, these companies have hundreds if not thousands of videos to upload and they are willing to pay to get the job done quickly and without any problems.

Take the time to get setup with the Tube Launch team and start generating commissions for uploading videos to Youtube. Get a piece of the youtube pie and never create, tough or even think about video marketing again!



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