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home income app review

sorry for the delay but we’re so busy with other things right now. Gary Ambrose is a big time marketer though so we will be sure to cover this product.

Just so you know, the software is designed to trade binary options so if that isn’t your bag you can forget all about it! If you want to make money trading options be sure to bookmark this page.

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Get Auto Commissions Review

What is Get Auto Commissions and HOW can it help Me?

This product comes along with a lot of training and different types of resources which can be used ti make fast commissions online. The best part about this system is that there are only 3 important steps that come along with making this type of product make the best return for you: which I have listed for you below.get auto commissions review

1) Get the top link for the type of product you would like to promote

2) Use GAC software to create a video for this product automatically

3) Upload you video and Start driving traffic with Youtube make some commissions

There are many types of training and coaching courses to get this software to work fully and this is the best way to learn something and new because you can see examples first hand and not get lost or confused when you start yourself. This is a great kind of upgrade that comes along and is a huge help in the beginning. Also as a another benefit, it will generate any giver number of videos; the only requirement from you if that you tell the software how many videos desired.

This software is created to create some largely targeted videos that can drive buyer hungry traffic to your posted videos which will lead this audience to your affiliate offer. This software does such a complete job because it will make sure that the competition for the keywords is low in advance. All you need is to create a small group of videos and you’ll begin to drive some traffic to you offers!


What I liked about this product –

  • Automated video creation – makes videos oh so easy!
  • Videos in any niche you could want
  • This software is SO EASY to set up, no Headache Required…haha
  • Lower used competition keywords, making better commissions in the end
  • INSTANT traffic to your video and commissions


Get Auto Commission Cons –

  • There haven’t been too many advanced features that have been added and asked for


Conclusion of Get Auto Commissions Review

The Get Auto Commissions software and system is a really easy to use to and make the the affiliate commissions everyone dreams of; even sometimes overnight. The only and most important requirement is to follow the training and have the software create the videos for you and at a desired set number.



Tube Launch Review

Title: “Tube Launch” Reviewtube launch review
Product: Tubelaunch.com
Product Creator: Julie Williams
Price: $34

Tube Launch is one of the newest forms of marketing to hit the streets in the last decade, and the reason behind it is because video marketing is extremely powerful. Did you know that there are thousands of pages targeted most of the keywords on the internet, while there are only 20 or so videos targeted the same keywords on average? That means a flood of marketers are looking to expand their businesses into video marketing but they need people like YOU!

Tube Launch links up marketers and corporations alike with people willing to upload videos in exchange for cash money commissions.

Click here to find out more

What do they claim?

Step 1. Sign-up.
Step 2. Follow the training
Step 3. Upload videos
Step 4. Make money
Step 5. Rinse and repeat

Some pro and cons of the site:


  • Make money FAST
  • Work from home!
  • NO product needed
  • NO LIST!!!!
  • Work with top level corporations
  • Make money from multiple sources
  • TONS of profit potential


  • Takes time to upload videos

If you want to make money with video marketing and youtube but don’t like creating video now you can. All you have to do is link up with the Tube Launch crew and they will show you how to work with big companies to upload videos and make profit. Why? Well, these companies have hundreds if not thousands of videos to upload and they are willing to pay to get the job done quickly and without any problems.

Take the time to get setup with the Tube Launch team and start generating commissions for uploading videos to Youtube. Get a piece of the youtube pie and never create, tough or even think about video marketing again!



Automated Paydays Review

Product Name : Automated Paydays official bonus

Product Creator : Rob Benwell

Price : $39

Bonus : YES! Click here

What the heck Is Automated Paydays?

This is the newest product by marketing guru Jamie Shaw and it is designed to teach you the exact techniques that Jamie is using day in and day out to generate thousands of dollars online every single month.

What’s covered?


As soon as you get into the members area this is what you’ll see. It all starts with steps 1-3…

Getting Started tab :

Step 1 ) Getting Site Live (3 PDF guides)

  • Choosing a great domain and keywords
  • Choose your niche
  • SEO: What It Is and Why It’s your Secret Weapon

Step 2 ) Getting Visitors and Traffic

This is a TON of video training that covers a ton of different facets of internet marketing.. Check this list out!


Step 3 ) Conversions and Making That Money!

This is the best part, of course, because this is where we start converting that traffic into buyers either by promoting our own products or products of other people as an affiliate.

This is how I make thousands online and some affiliates are making 6 figures just promoting other peoples products!

Fast Cash Strategies tab :

This is a ton of resources, videos, reports and training that teaches you how to build a list and gives you the squeeze pages and funnels to get you started on the right foot.

Of course, you can just follow the video training to get these funnels setup and start making money from them as soon as you start driving traffic to them.

  • TONS of list building training/Ecourses
  • High converting squeeze pages
  • “How to profit from PLR” Ebook
  • a few other things…

Core Strategies tab :

This is how you are going to build a long term business that generates commissions daily, and even while you’re sleeping. Hey, it happens all the time! Here’s a list of the video training that is covered in this section.

There are a TON of them so keep in mind this is not all the training covered in the core section.

  • Giant Cash From Tiny Adverts
  • Advanced Direct Response Marketing
  • Mega Wealth Matrix
  • E-Wealth Secrets
  • Seven of the Hottest Methods To Get Rich
  • Maverick Master
  • and MUCH more

What else is included with Automated Paydays membership?

There is a ton of content and I almost feel like there is too much. This may overwhelm some newbie marketers!

  • Video, Ebook, and Audio Libraries – There is so much content packed into these little content vaults that you are gonna’ have to spend a few hours if not days going throught his stuff. Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes ladies and gentlemen!
  • Traffic library – This library is jammed packed with everything traffic, and that is it! If you want to drive more traffic all you need to do is go through this content vault and start taking action on a few of the techniques to start driving traffic to your websites and videos
  • Resell products – These are complete funnels with products, sales pages, and everything you ened to start selling the product to your traffic. These are high quality products that provide tons of value so you can feel confident in selling them to your viewers or subscribers. There is TONS of PLR in here covering a ton of niches as well.
  • WordPress essentials – There are over 20 videos on WordPress which is a powerhouse website CMS that is geared toward ranking in Google and Ranking in cash. There are a list of free themes and other resources available to WP site owners as well!

How do we make money with AP

Well, that’s a great question. There are a few ways to be honest…

1) Create a website, drive traffic and build a list – This is my favorite way to make money online because instead of shooting for 2% conversion from your traffic (typical conversion rate) you can get 20%+ conversion to your email list and get them as a customer for LIFE or until they unsubscribe. Way powerful stuff here folks!

2) Sell the products – You could go and setup the sales pages on a new website and drive traffic to your new product page. When people purchase you will get paid right into your Paypal. You could even create a PLR website and sell all of that content in your own PLR marketplace!

3) Rank the site in Google/SEO – You can learn the SEO method to get traffic to your site for FREE, and to make profits just add related affiliate products from places like Clickbank. That’s my favorite and it converts well so maybe check it out?

What I liked –

  • TONS of ways to make money
  • TONS of content
  • BUILD a real online business (the list)
  • Step by step layout

What I didn’t like –

  • May be overwhelming for newbies
  • May consume hours of your day to go through all the content

If you want to make money online there are a few facts. You need a website, you need a product, and you need traffic. Automated Paydays does a decent job at helping people learn everything they need to know to become successful online.

The only problem is that there is just too much content and it may overwhelm some newbies that don’t know where to start, let alone how to go through a months worth of content and actually make use and take action on it!



6 Figure Tool kit Review

Product Name : 6 Figure Tool kit Official

Product creator : Justin James

Price : $47

Bonus : YES! Click here

If you are new to internet marketing or are an advanced internet marketer 6 Figure Tool Kit may help you take your business to the next level.

There are a number of ways to use the system to make money but the most important part of the system of the squeeze pages that have been tested to convert your traffic into subscribers, paired with high quality training that will help you implement these powerful squeeze pages and sales funnels to work for YOU.

6 figure tool kit review

What the heck is it?

Well, you’re going to get a whole business in a box that includes the following :

  • done for you sales funnel
  • hosted high converting squeeze pages
  • Way to build your email list
  • Full time business online that’s reliable

How Do We Make Money?

You’ll learn this in the video training, but basically you use the system to promote your sales funnel and generate commissions when people go through the high converting funnel and buy your products.

I like these sales funnels because they have been tested to convert and all you have to do is drive traffic and you’ll start building a list and making commissions on autopilot.

You don’t have to promote any specific offers but you can promote the 6 figure tool kit, your own product, or even promote another high converting affiliate product if you like as well.

So, there is more than one way to make money with this system.

What I like about 6 Figure toolkit –

  • Super charged squeeze pages that are proven to convert and get your traffic on your list! Getting high converting squeeze pages that have been tested is pretty powerful stuff that most marketers don’t want to share with you!
  • There are a number of things that I enjoyed including the easy and clean layout of the site. It makes it simple to keep track of your progress and keep motivated as you move through the training and setting up your funnel.
  • NO startup cost. when you get started online most of the time you need to spend some cash on hosting your website and squeeze pages. Not anymore, because the system gives you free hosting!
  • Ton of video tutorials that teach you how to setup the funnel and get your business started off on the right foot.

What I don’t like about the kit –

  • Do you know how to drive traffic? If not, you may have trouble with the sales funnel because making money comes down to driving traffic to the high converting pages. There is training to get you on the right track but traffic is the most important part of the equation.
  • This may be geared a more seasoned marketer that knows how to drive traffic to a high converting funnel.


Dollars On Demand Review

Product Name : Dollars on Demand

Product creator : Steven Lee Jones and Ben S

Price : FREE

Bonus : YES! Click here

dod members

There have been a ton of questions about Dollars On Demand software and how it helps people make money. Binary options trading has gotten pretty huge recently because people are able to invest a minimal amount of money, setup the software, and have it run in the background while they work from home.

DoD is a proprietary trading software that comes with tons of training to get you started with binary trading…

How Does Dollars On Demand Work?

First off, you do NOT need to have any background in trading stocks or options to have success, nor do you need to have any background in the market or technical abilities to get the software to work for you. To get started you will need to download the software and make the minimum investment which is $200.

***If you do not have $200 to lose then I suggest looking for another system because I do not suggest getting started with money you can not afford to lose.The software is 100% free otherwise.

Now that you have the software and have invested you need to setup the software for the best results. I suggest only betting what you can afford to lose, and even then I suggest setting a “stop loss”. This just means that the system will automatically stop trading at a specific point so you don’t lose any money that you don’t want to. This is a huge secret that will save your ass!

The software is going to trade on your behalf (if you like) and use a ton of different signals to know when to get in and when to get out, and there is a huge success rate that Dollars On Demand software is reaching, sometimes upwards of 90%.

What I like –

  • 100% FREE Software
  • Training included
  • AUTOMATED Trading
  • HUGE success rates
  • NO Experience required

What I dislike –

  • It’s not “FREE” (must invest in this business)
  • Potential for loss (set a stop loss!)

Binary options are getting more and more popular and people are making tons of money with these new software. There is no cost to get started but to start making trades with the software you do have to invest, and once you invest the software will start making smart trades for you.

How it makes “smart trades”?

Well, it looks at common factors that make the market go up and down and factors these into its algorithm that tells the software when to makes it move.Dollars On Demand offers the “automated mode” which is the power of the software.

Instead of sitting at your computer and watching the trades all day the software will do it for you, and it will look at more factors as well. All you have to do is get your hands on the software, invest, and remember to set it all up so that you never lose more than you can afford!


SEO Zen Review

Product Name : SEO Zenseo zen review
Developer : Alex Becker
Price : $127
What the heck is SEO Zen Pro?

SEO Zen software is designed to make niche website creation and site siloing (site structure ; more on this later) a quick and easy job. On top of that, SEOZen makes content creation for your new niche website click button easy by allowing you to generate highly related articles that are completely unique and readable within minutes.

But, does the software live up to the hype?

The creator Alex Becker claims that you can setup niche websites that are structured with a silo structure that “Google loves”, but what is “siloing” all about anyway?

Siloing is when you divide your site into related “silos” that all contain related information that builds trust and authority all the way up to the top of the silo which is your most competitive keyword. This structure passes link juice up from the bottom of your silo all the way to the top and build the authority of your site in Googles eyes.

Example :
Top of Silo = Dog Training

3 Articles in the silo = Dog training with treats, police dog training, German Shepard dog training

***This is taught in the SEO Zen training, and thoroughly in the SEO Zen Enlightenment upsell!


As soon as the software does the site structure it moves to content creation where it uses article directories to find highly related content and then pairs it with related Youtube videos as well. Finally, since these are typically going to be affiliate sites SEO Zen pro will automatically add your affiliate link to each post in a spot that is proven to get people to click.

Finally, you have the opportunity to spin the articles to make them more unique. If you don’t like the idea of using other people’s content you can always pay for articles or use Article Builder.

How long does all that take?

From start to finish it only takes about 2 hours. Here are the steps I took when I created my first website with SEO zen Pro

1) Install software on WP site

2) Add keywords in your order of choice (top of silo or silo article)

3) Click a few buttons and generate content/ Add videos / Monetize page

4) Spin articles using some spinning software

5) Add a few pictures

What else should I know? Upsells?

Yes, there is an upsell, and yes, I am suggesting you get it for a few reasons. This SEO training, “SEO Enlightenment” is like nothing I have ever watched before. Alex Becker gets on video and he breaks down a whole new side of SEO that I have never really thought of.

Instead of grabbing the same keywords millions of other competitors are going after, Alex will teach you how to find super juicy keywords that drive massive traffic with very little competition. If that sounds too good to be true, I know what you’re thinking. Your BS meter is going crazy right now, but if you take my word and grab the Enlightenment you’ll see what I’m talking about!

What I like –

  • Quick and easy to use
  • FULL 30+ page niche site in a day
  • Monetizes each page automatically
  • Silo structure and linking made SUPER easy

What I don’t like –

  • Price went up to $127!!!
  • Spinning isn’t that great – had to use TBS
  • Try to sell you on spinner (I did the trial and to be honest, it sucks)


Who Likes Money Review

Let’s get right to the Who Likes Money review and find out what Who Likes Money is all about. To start off, WLM is about creating facebook fan pages ready for marketing within a few short minutes. But, that just sounds too good to be true, right? 
anthony morrison
Anyone that’s tried Facebook marketing knows setting it all up and getting the ground laid out takes work, and it is annoying! That’s where Who Likes Money is suppose to shine!

You can setup a FB fan page for any niche your trying to generate traffic and leads for, and finally you top it off by attaching your autoresponder to the page and promoting a gambling offer on the backend. Here are a few of the results you can hope for when YOU use the Who Likes Money software.

Results from 1 day –

  • 450+ Fan
  • Page Likes
  • 30+ Email Subscribers
  • 10+ clicks to affiliate sales page
  • $100+ in affiliate commissions

You can find a ton of success if you’re planning to generate a list and commissions from your FB fan page! To make $100 in affiliate commissions within 1 day is a pretty good turn over.

who likes money review
Pros of Who Likes Money

  • Easy to setup – less than 1 hour to get all setup
  • Schedule to run
  • FAST commissions
  • Build a list
  • REAL business online

***When you build a list you can expect to make $1+ per subscriber per month, so build your list!

Cons of Who Likes Money

  • Need to have a quality page
  • Must use Email autoresponder for greater success

Who Likes Money Conclusion

This is a automated software that will do a huge portion of the hard work for you, but it is up to you to take action and build a quality FB page that gets people on your list and finally pulling out their credit card and spend money using your link.

Facebook is one of the largest sites with the most heavy traffic and you can leverage that in your favor and generate a full time business online. That’s a FACT, but building the foundation (the FB page) is annoying and takes time and motivation. If you’re ready to “take the easy way out” and get started with social media click the big red button below!access

Automated Income App Review

Item Name: Automated Earnings Appaia software
Launch Day: Saturday, Novemver 09th 2013
Author: Bryan Miller

The System generates a minimum of $700 each day with out placing in any hard work or investing greater than 10 minutes a day.Well, to be more honest you can spend 20 minutes each day and make more money but that’s up to you. Automated Income App is really a money-making program currently being provided for free on-line.
How does the software program work?

To use it, you start by opening an account at a binary choices broker and depositing $200 into your account. You then connect Automated Earnings App software for your account by following the directions inside the members area. Automated Earnings App will then begin making smart trades for you.

After using the software for a few days I have seen decent results. Sitting at your computer and watching and waiting for it to create trades is incredibly boring unless you are completely into trading and that’s totally cool, but if not you can just “set it and forget it” because the stop losses that are available. That means you wont lose more than you set for your stop loss.

You need to deposit a minimum of $200 into your options account to get access to this “91% accurate” binary trading software. You can expect to turn $200 into $900+ in a single day if you use this technique on your own and with a bit of proactice maybe even $1k in a day like the program suggests.

How the options trading works is you are betting on the option going up or down, and you can make big money if you can trade in favor of the movement. How the Automated Income App software makes the trades is unknown and harnessed inside the program itself, but that isn’t really that important..

As long as you have the software that is… check out some results below.

automated income app review

What’s included with the Automated Income App?

  • 100% totally free access to his remarkable, certainly one of a type trading method
  • Daily earnings of a minimum of $700
  • A really detailed user guide that explains each aspect from the software program and technique if you would like to learn much more about it<
  • Private VIP access towards the best broker in the industry
  • >1 on 1 coaching with him since he wish to follow up with you and make sure you get the profits.

So, What does the Software program do?

Basically, the software will notify you when to trade and what to trade. These “signals” come in the same source the large boys at wall street use, so they are very lucrative. Now, I m not gonna lie, at first I was really skeptical about the entire signal factor, so I place it towards the test. I am a full time marketer more than stock trading expert so I only spent a little time with the software but in that short time I received 18 “signals” to trade.

As you already know, you can hope for a “91% accurate trade rate but to me, that seemed a little bit high and it made my BS meter go crazy. I suggest going with smaller trades at first until you get the hang of the software=, and once you know what your capable of then move to larger investments.
*NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN LOSE, and always set a stop loss*

The software program also features a “automater mode” that will trade for you, ideal for individuals like me who cannot sit in the pc all of the time, so long as you leave your machine on, it’ll continue to trade for you.

What I Liked –

  • This is all about automated trades – you can set stop losses to avoid losing more money than you want
  • Easy to get started
  • HUGE success rates
  • Get “in the money” within ONE HOUR

What I didn’t like

  • The software claims 91% accurate trades – While this may be a fact it does sound a bit like hype!

My final thoughts –
I was Extremely skeptical to begin with but after a short time with the software you can honestly hit up to 88% effective trades and be in the money FAST. This is a automated software as well so if you want to market while it runs you can do that, but be sure to get the hang of it first.

This system may not make you a millionaire overnight but it will help you make smarter trades using a sophisticated trading software. The Automated Income App software is easy to get setup and start trading, even for someone with little to no computer knowledge.There are people making profits in less than an hour after installing the software, and that is clear in the testimonials we are seeings!


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