Inbox Blueprint Review – HUGE $997 Bonus!

inbox blueprint reviewInbox Blueprint 2.0 BONUS Below!!


Inbox Blueprint Review

It Is Relaunching!

Anik Singal just launched his new email marketing course and it is selling out fast, so remember that the product closes it’s doors on September 2, 2014!

Do NOT miss your chance to get this new training + my EPIC Inbox Blueprint bonus!

What is the inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal?

This is a new approach to email marketing training because Anik takes 5 students and teaches them the blueprint.

Within 24 hours of teaching these new students the material they start pulling in commissions with the exact techniques covered in the formula.

I like this approach because it is more of a case study than a guided training course that leaves you with questions. Instead, you just follow along with the students and you should be fine.

who is anik singal

The modules?

1) Pick a niche – If you want to be successful you have to pick a niche that has money and is willing to spend it. This is covered in the training because if you do this wrong, you’re screwed right off the bat.

2) Squeeze page creation – There is a software included with the training that will help you with opt in page creation so you can grab subscribers quickly and easily.

But, if you want to have a real business you need to know how to run it yourself, so Anik is going to show you how to create a great squeeze page that just plain works.

3) Anik’s “Secret” – This is pretty cool because instead of waiting to make money from your list, Anik is going to show you how to pull commissions out on the very first day!

This is his “secret” formula for generating fast commissions with email marketing.

4) Tracking your success -If you want to succeed with email you NEED to track your stats so you know what works and what doesn’t, how your squeeze page converts, and how much money you make from your list.

Don’t worry, because you’re going to learn the techniques from Anik…He’s a millionaire email marketer, remember?

5) Movin’ on up – Now is time to get offers sent to your list but before you send any offer you want to know your list is going to like it, but most of all you want to know their going to buy it.

If you throw any random offer out to your list you could burn it up real quick, and you could lose your reputation if you promote too much crap.

5) Advanced techniques – This is when we take it up a notch and really learn how to pull the most commissions from our list, while providing awesome value and building up their desire for your product(s).

If you can follow this approach you can get your leads anxious about products before they launch which leads to higher conversions in the end.

7) Traffic generation – This is where most people fail and Anik knows that.  Without traffic you can’t get subscribers on your list, which means this just wont work.

There are a total of 8 techniques that are taught in the training that show you how to drive free traffic. You can also use paid traffic to generate subscirbers and Anik will also teach you that in the blueprint.

There is a huge list of trusted solo ad sellers that you can use to drive instant traffic to your squeeze pages,  and he even shows you how to build a list of 100+ people for under $50!

8) Make more money! – In order to squeeze the most commissions from your list you have to know how to get your emails in their inbox, and how to talk to them when they open their emails.

Finally, you need to get clicks in your emails so you can get people to the product sales page. Otherwise, your doomed!

Inbox Blueprint goes into detail on how to get people through the funnel successfully so you can generate more commissions.


How much is Inbox Blueprint?

The training is $97 per month for 3 months and that covers the training, the webinars, software and everything else that was discussed.

The price is a bit higher than other products out there, but I think this is important because if you don’t have anything on the line what’s your motivation to take action?

If you don’t take action, you will FAIL. So start taking action as soon as you grab the training!

Is there an upsell?

Yes, of course there is. What kind of marketer would Anik Singal be if he didn’t have an upsell?

Not a multi-millionaire one, that’s for sure.

The truth is that you DO NOT need any upsell to make the original product work. My Inbox Blueprint review says you can pass that up!

Advanced marketers that have “been in the game” for any amount of time may want to check out the upsell.


Do you have an Inbox Blueprint bonus?

If you’re looking to get a huge bonus for the Inbox Blueprint you’re in the right spot!

My Inbox Blueprint bonus –

1) Done For You SEO – I will use the exact techniques I used to get this website ranked at the top of Google for YOU!

All you have to do is give me your url and keywords and I will skyrocket you to the top of Google over the next 30 days!

If you want to drive FREE traffic to your squeeze pages SEO is the BEST way to do it, and I will do it for you… For FREE!

DO NOT miss this limited bonus- Only 5 people will receive this bonus.

2) Youtube Marketing Training – My exclusive training that teaches you how to drive instant traffic anywhere you want with Youtube and video marketing.

I show you how to create videos without a camera, get ranked in Google, and bank huge commissions in the shortest amount of time possible!

3) LIVE Video Case Study – Watch me LIVE, on video as I rank and bank within 7 days or less! That’s right. You get to watch over my shoulder as I create an income stream within 7 days or less.

Everything is LIVE so you can follow along step by step and generate commissions FAST, or apply this to your email marketing and generate unlimited FREE leads.

4) Instant Traffic Training – The only thing standing between you and a full time online income is traffic.

Well, in this video I’m going to show you how to use the Inbox Blueprint and my crazy traffic techniques to build a gigantic list in 30 days!

If you can follow along with this video training, you can have a list of 1k by next month!


How to get the Inbox Blueprint bonus?

Click the big button above to grab the Inbox Blueprint

Contact me with your proof of purchase

Wait a few hours for me to send it on over!

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