Automated Paydays Review

Product Name : Automated Paydays official bonus

Product Creator : Rob Benwell

Price : $39

Bonus : YES! Click here

What the heck Is Automated Paydays?

This is the newest product by marketing guru Jamie Shaw and it is designed to teach you the exact techniques that Jamie is using day in and day out to generate thousands of dollars online every single month.

What’s covered?


As soon as you get into the members area this is what you’ll see. It all starts with steps 1-3…

Getting Started tab :

Step 1 ) Getting Site Live (3 PDF guides)

  • Choosing a great domain and keywords
  • Choose your niche
  • SEO: What It Is and Why It’s your Secret Weapon

Step 2 ) Getting Visitors and Traffic

This is a TON of video training that covers a ton of different facets of internet marketing.. Check this list out!


Step 3 ) Conversions and Making That Money!

This is the best part, of course, because this is where we start converting that traffic into buyers either by promoting our own products or products of other people as an affiliate.

This is how I make thousands online and some affiliates are making 6 figures just promoting other peoples products!

Fast Cash Strategies tab :

This is a ton of resources, videos, reports and training that teaches you how to build a list and gives you the squeeze pages and funnels to get you started on the right foot.

Of course, you can just follow the video training to get these funnels setup and start making money from them as soon as you start driving traffic to them.

  • TONS of list building training/Ecourses
  • High converting squeeze pages
  • “How to profit from PLR” Ebook
  • a few other things…

Core Strategies tab :

This is how you are going to build a long term business that generates commissions daily, and even while you’re sleeping. Hey, it happens all the time! Here’s a list of the video training that is covered in this section.

There are a TON of them so keep in mind this is not all the training covered in the core section.

  • Giant Cash From Tiny Adverts
  • Advanced Direct Response Marketing
  • Mega Wealth Matrix
  • E-Wealth Secrets
  • Seven of the Hottest Methods To Get Rich
  • Maverick Master
  • and MUCH more

What else is included with Automated Paydays membership?

There is a ton of content and I almost feel like there is too much. This may overwhelm some newbie marketers!

  • Video, Ebook, and Audio Libraries – There is so much content packed into these little content vaults that you are gonna’ have to spend a few hours if not days going throught his stuff. Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes ladies and gentlemen!
  • Traffic library – This library is jammed packed with everything traffic, and that is it! If you want to drive more traffic all you need to do is go through this content vault and start taking action on a few of the techniques to start driving traffic to your websites and videos
  • Resell products – These are complete funnels with products, sales pages, and everything you ened to start selling the product to your traffic. These are high quality products that provide tons of value so you can feel confident in selling them to your viewers or subscribers. There is TONS of PLR in here covering a ton of niches as well.
  • WordPress essentials – There are over 20 videos on WordPress which is a powerhouse website CMS that is geared toward ranking in Google and Ranking in cash. There are a list of free themes and other resources available to WP site owners as well!

How do we make money with AP

Well, that’s a great question. There are a few ways to be honest…

1) Create a website, drive traffic and build a list – This is my favorite way to make money online because instead of shooting for 2% conversion from your traffic (typical conversion rate) you can get 20%+ conversion to your email list and get them as a customer for LIFE or until they unsubscribe. Way powerful stuff here folks!

2) Sell the products – You could go and setup the sales pages on a new website and drive traffic to your new product page. When people purchase you will get paid right into your Paypal. You could even create a PLR website and sell all of that content in your own PLR marketplace!

3) Rank the site in Google/SEO – You can learn the SEO method to get traffic to your site for FREE, and to make profits just add related affiliate products from places like Clickbank. That’s my favorite and it converts well so maybe check it out?

What I liked –

  • TONS of ways to make money
  • TONS of content
  • BUILD a real online business (the list)
  • Step by step layout

What I didn’t like –

  • May be overwhelming for newbies
  • May consume hours of your day to go through all the content

If you want to make money online there are a few facts. You need a website, you need a product, and you need traffic. Automated Paydays does a decent job at helping people learn everything they need to know to become successful online.

The only problem is that there is just too much content and it may overwhelm some newbies that don’t know where to start, let alone how to go through a months worth of content and actually make use and take action on it!



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